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The toolbar does NOT SPY after the user and does not transfer any personally identifiable information such as a name or an E-mail address, ensuring complete anonymity for users.

When used, the toolbar sends unidentifiable usage statistics regarding usage of its features to Conduit's servers (Conduit is the service that powers the toolbar). The statistics are completely anonymous, do not contain any personal identification or information in a manner that can identify a user, and no IP addresses are stored. We do not match individual users with their specific Web or toolbar usage and don't share the specifics with anybody. A unique id is used solely for the purpose of knowing how many people are actively using the toolbar and it is not transferred along with any specific usage information. This unique id is not transmitted during any other use of the toolbar.

All statistic information is securely stored on and is accessible only to us. This information is used in order to improve the overall toolbar experience based on how the toolbar is being used.

This is the usage information that is transferred during use of the toolbar:
  • Searching from the toolbar
  • Click on any toolbar button
  • Click on the E-mail Notifier
  • Open the RSS menu
  • Click on an item in the RSS menu
  • Open a drop down menu
  • Click on an item in the drop down menu
  • Open the weather window
  • Open the chevron menu
  • Click on the radio

Bottom line: the toolbar does NOT SPY after users . Anonymous usage statistics are sent to when the toolbar is used. These unidentifiable statistics are accessible only to us in the form of analysis reports that are used in order to improve the toolbar based on how it is being used by the entire community.

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